Rehab Programs in Davie, FL, Help You Get Back to Yourself

When you’ve suffered an injury, you long for the person you were before it happened. We can help you at Advanced Sports Physical Therapy, Inc. Our rehab programs in Davie, FL, are personalized and effective in returning you to pre-injury condition while also taking steps to ensure the risk of re-injury is low.

Our one-on-one, hour-long sessions under the care of a licensed physical therapist provide you with a treatment program that is tailored to your injury and condition. Our goal is to help you maximize your gains as you move back to wellness. Your recovery is our mission, and it’s one we take seriously. Our therapists never overlap patients or work with multiple individuals at a time. They are focused on you and you alone for the duration of your session.

We realize that when you’re injured, you want to recover as quickly as possible. We help you get there, but we don’t rush the process and clear you to return to activities before you’re ready. That’s a recipe for another injury, so we make sure your body is prepared to get back on the playing field or the court or the track.

You can also use our therapy services as a way to increase your strength and mobility with fitness programs designed just for you.